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NewBorn Care


When you come home with a new baby it is exciting, but sometimes it can be confusing and scary, too. For first time parent, taking care of newborns is a struggle to cater to many needs, like frequent feedings, diaper changes, etc. New born babies health care issues are quite different from older children and adults, like diaper rash and cradle cap.

We expect you to bring your baby in a week for a checkup and we want to ensure that all your baby’s health care concerns are addressed.

Your baby will go through many changes during the first year of life and we will make sure all the babiy’s milestones are on track. Please feel to ask our health care providers for help if you need it. For some helpful hints to stressed out parents, visit the Mayo Clinic website.

Well Care


To help kids and teens grow into healthy adults, it is recommend that they have regular well-child exams. During the “well visits” we monitor growth, nourishment, and physical, developmental, and emotional progress. These visits are an important tool that we use to screen for medical and developmental issues. Apart from the checkups, it is important to get your child vaccinated to prevent them from the impacts of deadly viruses. Our office administers vaccines as per the AAP recommendations.

Kids who participate in competitive sports need to have their annual physical. Before the start of the school year is the perfect time to make sure your child is fit for the appropriate sport.

We encourage you to book appointments for well visits. To accommodate the sick patients, we limit the number of well appointments on week days. Should you have further questions, please contact us.

Sick Care


Sick care needs of children are very different from adults. Accidents happen. So does illness. We understand tough times that parents go through when their little ones are sick or injured. When your children become sick, sometimes it can be difficult to tell how serious it is and you may not know if you should choose an emergency department or urgent care. To take care of your needs, same-day appointments are usually available so that children may be evaluated promptly. Our office opens late on some days to take care of your sick child’s needs.

If you believe your child needs immediate attention and you have concerns for a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

Lactation Consultations


All our providers are strong proponents of breast-feeding. We want make sure that you are aware of the benefits of breast-feeding. Breast milk contains the right balance of nutrients for your baby. Breast milk is easier to digest than is commercial formula, and the antibodies in breast milk boost your baby’s immune system. Some studies indicate that breast-feeding might even help you lose weight after the baby is born.

Breast-feeding can be challenging for mothers and at times frustrating when the new born not able to get enough breast milk to quest his/her hunger. To help the mothers, we have a well-trained provider who can help you though. Please schedule an appointment if you need lactation help.

Other Consultations


Our other consultations include “Prenatal consultation” and mental health evaluations. During the prenatal consultations, you get to a tour of our office, get meet our staff, and meet the physicians. We will try to answer any questions you have. You need to schedule an appointment in advance for the prenatal consultations.

Parents are often the first to suspect mental health problem(s) in their child or teen. This includes problems with friends or family relationships, school, sleeping, eating, substance abuse and other aspects of daily life. If a problem is suspected, treatment should be sought out as soon as possible. For your children’s mental health evaluations, please call our office and schedule an appointment.

Sports Injuries


Parents want their kids get involved in sports to get needed exercise, to excel in sports, or pursue the passion of play. It is important that we need to make sure that the sport being pursued is safe and proper gear is worn all the time to avoid injuries. Avoiding sports-related injuries is truly a team effort. Inspite of all precautions, sometimes accidents do happen. Some injuries could be serious or other are minor. To give proper care and advice, we have a physician who is specialized in treating sports injuries.

If you believe your child needs immediate attention and you have concerns for a life-threatening emergency, call 911.